When to Call a Residential Plumber

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February 16, 2017
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February 17, 2017
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When to Call a Residential Plumber

One thing that is sure about many residential plumbing problems is the fact that most of them are actually preventable. However, when they happen, you have no choice but to call an expert plumber to sort the problem out for you. Any emergency plumber will tell you that drains and obstructive pipes are one of the reasons they are called at even odd hours of the day. Perhaps this is an indication that most people place a higher value other possessions like cars more than they value their most expensive investment. Many people deliberately service their cars at least once every year you can be sure that they will not remember to do the same thing with their residential plumbing; this is why emergency plumbers are called in when it’s already too late and their services become more expensive.

Commercial and residential plumbing experts always advise homeowners about the importance of preventive maintenance for house plumbing every once in a while; apart from keeping your pipes and drains in your home in good running condition, it is also the best way to spot any emerging problems and deal with them before they can become advanced. When most residential plumbing problems are discovered and fixed early, the problems are dealt with before the cost of doing them escalates. There are simple steps that any homeowner should take to reduce the costs associated with residential plumbing.

Burst pipes: If you come home and discover a burst pipe you need to call a residential plumbing expert almost immediately, however, there are a few things you ought to do before the emergency plumber arrives so you can stop the flow of water at the spot where there is a hole. You need to find out where the main shut off valve of the house and turn it off immediately. Once you turn off this valve the water flow to the house and other fixtures will stop and prevent a flood from happening in the house. You must also ensure that you turn on all the cold water taps so as to drain them of all steam and trapped water. Once you have managed to do damage control you can sit still and wait for the residential plumbing expert to arrive and repair or replace the burst pipe and any other damage.

Frozen pipes: There are times when water freezes in pipes and they end up expanding and bursting the pipes. When this happens the first thing you need to do is to shut off the main shutoff valve and if the pipe is not yet split, you could try to use some hot water bottles to thaw it from the end of the pipe that is nearest to a tap. You must be very gentle with the thawing and also avoid using naked flames in order to prevent a thermal expansion that could easily end up bursting the pipe and call for water heater services. Preventative maintenance involves ensuring that your pipes are properly insulated during the cold months of the year.


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