Importance of Regular Sewer Line Inspections

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February 10, 2017
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February 14, 2017
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Importance of Regular Sewer Line Inspections

If you own a home it is important that you are keen on matters such as those that can put the health of your family at risk or even cost you unnecessary expenses; this is especially true when it comes to matters to do with waste disposal. You only need a small problem with the sewer line that will affect the sanitary situation in your home and there will be a galore of germs, bacteria, viruses and all kinds of disease causing pathogens in your property. As a homeowner, you want to ask your residential plumber to conduct a regular video sewer inspection.

You want to do a video sewer inspection when you are buying an old house so you can know whether there are any buried problems that you will start dealing with as soon as you come in. The reason is that most people are not keen about sewer line maintenance and they very easily clog the system. You want to engage the specialized plumbers who do video sewer inspection; while this exercise may appear like throwing your money down the drain, it becomes cost effective when you have the big picture in mind.

There is a lot of damage that happens to the sewer lines as a result of blockages such as those that are caused by roots of the trees that are growing nearby; roots will easily grow into the pipes and cause cracks or blockages. Sometimes there are more problems for sewer lines that are caused by poor domestic garbage disposal habits or debris coming from your home that finds its way to the sewer line. Regular video sewer inspection ensures that when there are any such foreign bodies in the sewer line they are retrieved so as to avert any future crisis.

You need to have a residential plumber who will do some regular plumbing works maintenance and especially dealing with regular drain cleaning. More often than not sewer problems are discovered during drain cleaning exercises such as when your plumber realizes that the drain is moving slowing than normal. They should be able to recommend video sewer inspection; the technicians who do the service will do what is known as lateral inspection by inserting a specialized video camera inside the line and observing the images through a computer screen. By using this process they can detect any problem and the extent to which damage could have occurred.

A damaged sewer line will make living conditions in your home very uncomfortable and prone to any disease outbreak; you will also live with foul smell that could have been avoided in the first place. Conducting a video sewer inspection is also advantageous to owners of old houses because it will attract more buyers should you plan to sell it any time in future. While a residential plumber can do some of this work especially in an area where there is no sewer line inspection company, it is always best to insist that anyone doing inspection and repair of your sewer line has the right equipment and the requisite experience so as to do a good job.


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