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February 14, 2017
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February 16, 2017
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Emergency Plumber to the Rescue

Most people will not contact a local plumber unless there is an emergency; you should know how challenging it can be to find emergency plumbing  experts that can respond to your call immediately. In most cases they will have a series of appointments waiting for them and they can only add you to their already long waiting list. The most interesting thing about plumbing problems is that what many homeowners consider an emergency may not be seen the same way by your local plumber. A good example may be when you flush your toilet and you suddenly realize that all the dirty water is coming into your bathtub. For a typical homeowner this is an emergency that needs to be resolved straight away; for your local plumber that may not necessarily be a plumbing emergency but a small problem with your sewage system.

Interestingly, there are times when you need plumbing solutions that you can easily be able to resolve on your own. Take for instance when you have a clogged toilet because a child tossed a toy into the toilet and caused a blockage. If you have the required tools, you can resolve this problem by removing the toilet floor, removing the toy and then replacing the seal before returning the toilet to its original position. However, if you are unable to replace the seal you have made, a local plumber will come in handy to complete the relatively small procedure that won’t cost you too much.

There is no doubt that there are other situations where you will require emergency plumbing solutions. Consider a situation where you have a seriously leaking water pipe and it is past the normal working hours of your local plumber. There are many emergency plumbers that are available throughout the night or even on weekends in addition to holidays; however, you should expect to pay a premium price as well.

If you are dealing with frozen pipes or a burst pipe that is causing flooding in your house, start by turning off the water supply immediately. If however you discover that turning off the water shut off valve is difficult, the next thing to do is to quickly inform your local water authority so they can turn it off from the mains. As soon as the water has been turned off, it is important to ensure that any items that are at risk of getting damaged are removed. Take care not to step into the water if it has reached the level of electrical outlets since there may be chances the water is carrying an electric current; turn off the electric supply so you can safely enter the room.

Many local plumbers offering plumbing solutions in emergencies can be avoided by ensuring that you know where all the home’s valves are located. You should remember to let all the taps drip during cold weather and also insulate the pipes so you can avoid any bursts that are caused by freezing.


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