When Your Sewer Line Needs Service

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January 10, 2018
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January 12, 2018
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When Your Sewer Line Needs Service

When Your Sewer Line Needs Service

Every time you hear some gurgling noises from your bathroom or the toilets in your house or you discover that water is not flowing into the toilet, it is time to think about the sewer main pipeline and other general plumbing issues in the house. During such times you need to call your local residential plumbing expert immediately so that they can do an inspection and find out what the real issue is; if they discover a big problem it may become necessary to replace the pipelines. With a little knowledge, there are telltale symptoms that can help you to discover when you have a sewer main pipeline that needs replacement.

The first telltale sign comes from listening for abnormal gurgling sounds coming from the toilet or bathroom; this is a clear sign that there is trouble.

In addition to that, there may be a problem of water flowing into the toilet or a bathtub that takes longer than usual to drain which may be an indication that some changes in the pipeline may be necessary. When things get worse, you will have the sewage backing up into your bathtub or toilet. Outside your house you should be keen about a foul odor in the yard or the basement; this happens when sewage is not flowing down the sewer main pipeline into the municipal line.

This is a potential health hazard and must, therefore, be dealt with immediately.
There is yet another problem that can affect your sewer main pipeline which is when there are tree roots entering into the sewer system; many roots can grow astonishingly deep and cover a wide area so much that they affect your plumbing. If you have any trees growing some 20 to 30 yards close to your house there are high chances that tree roots will penetrate that sewer main pipeline; when this happens the roots can easily branch out and block the flow of the pipe. Additionally, those roots can also suck up as more water than you can imagine to the extent the pipes will clog and affect the entire sewer system.

However, take note that there are other times when he pipes are too old that they simply get damaged by the roots; when this takes place, there is no time for debating but to simply call your residential plumbing contractor to inspect the sewer main pipeline. There will be able to tell you whether it is time to replace the pipes.

It is also important to note that if you live in an area with hard water this is also likely to enhance the damaging of the pipes even though hard water doesn’t cause any serious plumbing challenge. The main problem is the buildup of a limescale on the pipes as the hard water continues to flow; the lime scale can also end up blocking the sewer main pipeline and cause some serious damage as well. Your only solution as a homeowner is to keep checking for those simple signs and involve your residential plumbing expert as soon as the need arises.


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